This is Russell’s Github-hosted personal site.

About this Site

This is a simple site which hosts the basic information from my original site Russell Site. In the event the site goes down, this will be the go-to spot if you need anything from me. I used to have a personal website built using React.js and supported by a GraphQL database but that has been archived.

About Russell


Singaporean Chinese Male, aged (last 3 digits of the current year), student. I am studying Computer Science and Mathematics as a Double Degree Student (DDP) in NUS. It is a 5-year programme (which can be completed within 4 with enough overloading - though that is not my plan). Prior to university, I studied at Victoria Junior College for my GCE A-Levels where I spent most of my time delving into various domains in Mathematics and Computer Science.

I have general interests in Computer Science Theory, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Some topics I have delved with are Logic, SAT Solving, Cryptography, Number Theory and Group Theory and Optimisation Problems. I hope to work on Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimisation problems in the future, be it in industry or research. I am also interested in contributing to research software and various software engineering projects that utilises academic tools.

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Note: Linkedin is updated only twice a year during semester breaks, Instagram is viewed perhaps once a week

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