La Kopi: Forging of the Chinese Singaporean Community

Academic Year 2021 - 2022
Semester 2

NUSMods Description

This module introduces students to the forging of the Chinese Singaporean community by observing the changes in linguistic data over time. Drawing linguistic data from different aspects of society and entertainment (eg. food, movies, theatre and so on), the module aims to reveal to students how the Chinese community has evolved from being a community with multiple languages to a single, unified language. Influential professionals in their field of expertise will also share from their personal experience the evolution of the Chinese community, and how the Chinese Singaporean community fits into Singapore’s multiracial society.


This module was taught by, honestly I cannot remember. My TA, I also dont know.

There are 2 essays to be written, and a final.

There is a lecture and a tutorial which occurs fortnightly. I would say that the tutorials are not really that interesting and we had to prepare presentations on the spot (and they are graded)

I think I learnt a lot from the module and it is actually quite chill. It deepened my understanding of my own heritage and connection to my ancestors in this region. It is indeed an eye-opening experience. The tutorials however, are a complete waste of my time. I also experienced what class participation wars are for the first time. I personally do not take part in these type of stunts because I believe one should just keep his own mouth shut instead of bs-ing something of no value.