Probability and Statistics

Academic Year 2021 - 2022
Semester 2

NUSMods Description

This module introduces students to basic probability theory and statistical inference. Topics include basic concepts of probability, conditional probability, independence, random variables, joint and marginal distributions, mean and variance, some common probability distributions, sampling distributions, estimation and hypothesis testing based on a normal population.


This module is taught by the Statistics Department, Prof Chan Yiu Man and Prof Yu Tao. I belonged to the lecture group of the latter.

There are 2 x 2hr lecture slots, but one of the lecture slots was used to watch the lecture recording, the other was simply a zoom lecture to consolidate the content learnt. For Prof Yu Tao, we requested for pop quiz every lecture which he gladly obliged.

There are 4 quizzes throughout the module totally 30% in total, then a final exam worth 70% (35 MCQ, or fill in the blanks, no partial marks, no backward navigation)

This module is a breeze for me since most of the content was taught during H2 Mathematics and Further Mathematics. However, there were new topics like F-distribution, Joint Probability Distributions etc. However, they were not much of an issue. If you own a graphical calculator, getting the answer is a matter of pushing buttons on it. I was very annoyed by the format of the Finals. I had to convince myself an answer is correct before moving on. There is no chance for any regret or dumb mistakes. Tutorials were a piece of cake. I attend the online Tutorials but paid zero attention to the tutor.