IS1103 Ethics of Computing

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Academic Year 2021 - 2022
Semester 2

NUSMods Description

This module gives an introduction to Ethics in the Computing domain. Students will learn about the importance of Ethics in Computing policy-making and be able to make judgements and decisions based on established ethical frameworks (such as Deontology, Consequentialism, Social Contract Theory and Virtue Ethics). The objective is to develop students to be ethical computing decision-makers who can analyse and explain their decisions in real-world policy-making situations. Issues in emerging areas such as Digital Intellectual Property Rights, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Social Media, Hacking, and interface design may also be discussed in relation to Ethics.


The module is coordinated (not taught) by Dr Lu Weiquan. We were told to read the textbook, 1 chapter per week and answer 10 MCQ questions for 10 weeks. The questions were very subjective and me and my friends actually spent time debating on a lot of issues. Perhaps that was the intended purpose? I did learn something from the module. I might be one of the only few people that think this module is actually essential but not delivered effectively.

This is actually a very light workload module. The quiz questions could be CTRL-F-ed. Best to collaborate with your friends and save an SU for this module just in case your effort does not bear any fruit.