ES2660 Communication of the Information Age

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Academic Year 2022 - 2023
Semester 1

NUSMods Description

In a context of prolific production and convenient access to content and innovation in the Information Age, how should one critically process and clearly communicate ideas to various audiences? In this module, students will learn to question and articulate their analysis of assumptions and assertions on issues facing the Information Age through processes such as identifying bias and substantiating arguments. The Ennis’ (1986, 2001) taxonomy of critical thinking dispositions will be employed to develop students’ analytical thinking skills and their ability to articulate cogent responses to arguments or to defend their own positions in both written and oral form.


This module is a core module and was delivered through sectional teaching. My tutor is Ms Lyna (the best and most engaging tutor I have ever met). She appears to get very high for lessons which got me interested and engaged in the content. I was initially very shy and quiet but ended up having the confidence to speak my mind in class. I got an A+ for this module, and I attribute this success to her.

This module has also improved my writing skills. I went from getting average scores for CA1 (Being critical about critical thinking), to above average (CA2 : Coming up with a Critical Thinking Framework) and then topping the class for Online Commentary (Final CA).

I also want to thank my group mates, 2 Y4s and another Y2 for bringing the best out of me in this module. During CA2, they really put their heart and soul to help me build confidence in my speech, and during the Online Commentary evaluation, they gave such insightful comments to improve my essay which landed me the top grade.

My suggestion for all SoC students to take this module seriously. Workload-wise, it is worth 4 MCs. If you put in the heart and effort to it, the workload in hindsight is not that high. It can serve as a breather to your other modules. It will help in your professional development as a speaker, presenter and writer. Do not go into this with your S/U mentality!