CP3209 Undergraduate Research in Computing

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Academic Year 2023 - 2024
Semester 1 -> Semester 2

NUSMods Description

This year-long course provides an opportunity for students to undertake a substantial research project under the supervision of faculty members of the School of Computing. Through this research collaboration, the student will experience first-hand the challenges and exhilaration of research, discovery and invention.


This is a year-long research project worth 8MCs (split between 2 semesters). I was under Prof. Trevor Carlson in the Computer Architecture Group. I was more of the theory guy so I do not have any experience or knowledge of computer hardware beyond CS2100 Computer Organisation.

I think Prof Trevor is very nice. He will help you when you ask. I also appreciates that he gives candid feedback on your work and even suggests some ideas on how this can be done. Under him, I learnt alot about hardwares like FPGA. In the research group meetings, alot of PhD students gave presentations on how their work, holiday trips, conference trips etc. Maybe because it is not really my field of study, I was usually quite lost during presentations.

I was also co-supervised by Prof Kuldeep Meel. I think he is a very busy man haha. He sometimes cannot make it for the meetings. He is a big man in the SAT world and now I am learning alot of stuff from the hardware architect expert and also the SAT expert. This research project resulted me in learning so much that no matter how tiring it can be, this is what gave me the motivation to push on despite my already heavy workload.

I think UROP is a good opportunity for people who are’nt sure if they want to do research or just simply want to have a taste in it. Research is for interested people, not necessarily for smart people.

There is a CA presentation at the end of the 1st semester and a Final presentation as well. My main evaluator was Prof Martin Henz.